Young Professionals Transformation Projects

Cotonou, Bénin—From 10-12 October 2022, ILF Bénin conducted a follow-up training to help Young Professionals work on the details of their Transformation Projects. There are three different groups which are working to make a difference in Bénin.

The scientific group, led by Dr. KPOTIN Gaston, is working on a project to transform thermal energy into electrical energy to help relieve populations by providing less expensive electricity.

The entrepreneurial group, led by Dr. MITCHAI Parfait, is working on designing and manufacturing ecological packaging that can replace plastic packaging for food items.

The social group, led by Dr. AGOLI-AGBO Albéric, is working to raise awareness of the dangers of consuming toxic foods and adulterated oils to help fight food poisoning in university settings.

As these Transformation Projects are implemented, ILF will continue to provide updates on their progress and successes.



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