“The International Leadership Foundation (ILF) is a global initiative in direct response to the needs for developing leaders of integrity who can lead transformation in their spheres of influence. ILF believes that discovering, developing and empowering leaders of integrity can positively transform nations of the world.”

Prof. Delanyo Adadevoh, Ph.D.-Founder and President, ILF



The International Leadership Foundation (ILF) holds the view that institutions, organizations and nations around the world can be positively transformed by discovering, developing and empowering leaders of integrity.

Most leaders in government, business, education, religion and media agree that improved leadership is an essential part of economic, political and social development. Since 2002 leaders involved with ILF have worked to strike a balance between theoretical and practical models of leadership. This has resulted in a leadership movement that is helping leaders develop new paradigms and resources based on their particular context.

ILF’s work encourages societal transformation through a leadership development approach that is holistic in nature. This model integrates a leader’s personal, relational and professional life.

In 2002, Prof. Delanyo Adadevoh, Ph.D., started the International Leadership Foundation (ILF) in direct response to the needs for developing leaders of integrity in Africa and the world. ILF has its global headquarters in Accra, Ghana and is currently operating in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. There are initial works in the United States and Europe.


Building leaders of integrity for societal transformation


Nations experiencing holistic transformation in strategic spheres of society led by a growing network of leaders of integrity.




Personal life transformation as foundation for societal transformation

Integrity as primary qualification for leadership

Ensuring relevance of initiatives to cultural contexts

Transformation impacting all spheres of life and all domains of society



ILF began its initial work on the continent of Africa in 2002. Since that time, ILF has expanded to 16 countries in Africa and 40 countries around the world. ILF has trained approximately 15,000 leaders worldwide using the Transforming Leadership and Governance seminars.

Based on invitations received from leaders in Europe, ILF began working in Tirana, Albania in September 2015. The materials and trainings have been altered only in that they are cross-culturally relevant and appealing to the audience found in Eastern Europe. Currently there are discussions to begin serving Western Europe starting with trainings in London.

After discussions with key leaders in Latin America, ILF launched its training seminars on the continent in March 2016. Since that time, trainings have been conducted in Mexico, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Colombia.

Interest in leadership training has been high in Asia, with South Korea among the first countries to request ILF’s seminar series. ILF launched its Asia expansion in June 2016 by conducting a leadership training in Seoul, South Korea. Trainings are scheduled to be held in the Philippines in the coming months.

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