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    Building Leaders of Integrity

    ILF exists to raise a new wave of leaders to effect societal change.
  • Leadership Based on Ethical Principles

    The work of ILF addresses the fundamental issues that determine the success or failure of any organization.
  • Discovering and Empowering Leaders

    Striking a balance between theory and practical modes of leadership.

Since 2004, ILF’s operations have expanded from Africa to Latin America, Asia, Europe, and North America. Transforming leadership initiatives have equipped over 25,000 leaders, including Heads of State, Prime Ministers, top public servants, politicians, and leaders in business and academia. ILF develops leaders to spearhead transformation in specific spheres of society, including family, government, religion, education, science and technology, business/economics, media, and sports/arts/entertainment.

Transforming Leadership & Governance Seminar (TLG Seminar)

Transforming Leadership Organization

The TLG Seminars are a highly professional and interactive values-based leadership development series that builds effective leaders of integrity with the competencies to spearhead personal, relational, organizational, and societal transformation. ILF’s Transforming Leadership is based on essential principles and a proven process, with applications to transformation projects that serve as drivers to change.

Values-Based Leadership Coaching

ILF’s coaching program is designed for leaders who want to develop in the application of coaching to effective leadership. The objectives of coaching are addressed within the broader context of identified life callings.


Young leaders logo

Society cannot be changed until there is a new generation of youth who have new mindsets, values, and leadership.

As part of the strategy to prepare young people to lead change, the Leadership and Development Studies (LADS) curriculum was developed. The multinational team that developed LADS included government, business and professional leaders, and educational experts. LADS is a 12-lesson program that builds leaders on 3Cs: Character, Competence, and Connection.

The International Leadership Foundation partners with educational institutions, youth clubs, and organizations to deliver these programs aimed at building young, competent leaders of integrity who bring holistic change to their communities and nations.

ILF Organizational Transformation Consultancy Services

ILF’s Organizational Consultancy Services are designed to help businesses, governments, and non-profit organizations assess their leadership capabilities and engage in development processes that enable them achieve their fullest potential. Leaders are equipped and empowered to lead changes that radically improve the health and performance of their organizations. Organizational development is linked to broader societal transformation.

News And Updates

Ghana Y2L/LADS December 2021

Ghana’s team recently had the opportunity to talk to the entire student body of Krobo Girls Senior High School in Odumasi Krobo in the Eastern Region of Ghana. An alumna of the school, who is also a Y2L/LADS volunteer spoke with the young women about the transformation they could bring about within their communities and she formed a Y2L Club at the school.

FUNDALID April 2021

FUNDALID completed the Transforming Leadership & Governance Seminar graduation of 400 people in Venezuela via Zoom. The program took place over a 14-week period (meeting once weekly) using Zoom.

Forums on Religion and Government

ILF facilitates engagements with religious leaders to help in the translating of religiosity into spiritual, moral, and ethical principles for transformative lives and leadership. In addition, ILF promotes engagements of religious, government, and other professional leaders in collaborative efforts aimed at national transformation based on God-centered values.

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