Y2L/LADS Training for Youth Leaders in DRC

Kinshasa, DRC—Dr. Laura Mautsa, ILF’s Y2L/LADS Director, was recently in Kinshasa, DRC conducting training for top youth leaders with the Federation of Protestant Youths, members of Cru’s Student Led Movement (SLM), and local teachers. Co-facilitator Rindra Razanatovo, from Mauritius, also served as an interpreter for the event, which had an estimated 150 participants. 

After this first training concluded, the participants agreed to continue meeting monthly until the end of the year. Led by ILF team members Oddon Makare and Josue Lushima, and supported by Dr. Romain Lushima, the group is working on two “Cs” per month from ILF’s Transforming Leadership & Governance Seminars.

In January 2023, ILF will conduct a Youth Mentor Training with those DRC participants who completed the previous training sessions. The desire is that once fully trained as youth mentors the local team will establish Y2L/LADS programs in the surrounding Kinshasa area.


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