Young Leaders League (Y2L) is a youth initiative of the International Leadership Foundation (ILF) aimed at creating communities of young leaders of integrity leading change in their nations through its Leadership and Development Studies (LADS) program.

The LADS curriculum is an 11-lesson program that focuses on the youths’ personal, interpersonal, and leadership development. In addition, as part of the LADS program, youths are required to start transformational projects by identifying problems in their communities that they would like to provide solutions to, for the transformation of the lives in their communities.

The Y2L/LADS creation of communities of young leaders of integrity is based on 3Cs: Character, Competence, and Connection.

The program is tailored for Schools, Universities, Youth Clubs, and Youth Organizations.
The training is pivotal to transforming young people’s lives as they will learn concepts having Spiritual, Social, Political, Intellectual, Economic, and Lifestyle components.

In addition to the LADS curriculum, Y2L/LADS offers Youth Mentor Training (YMT). This training helps to equip youth advisors, teachers, and anyone interested in mentoring young lives with the skills needed to effectively implement and run a leadership and development studies program.