The Central African Republic; How It Began

ILF facilitators, Mr. Stephen Adu-Amoani, Dr. Victor Manyim, and Dr. Victor Koh, recently met with the President, the Prime Minister, and the Special Advisor to the President of the Central African Republic (CAR).
The President, Mr. Faustin-Archange Touadéra, is scheduling a TLG Seminar for all his cabinet ministers and plans to offer the same training to all government civil servants from ministers on down.
In addition, government leaders have requested development help from Singapore for job creation. They desire to help create wealth for their citizens by developing a public housing strategy and a savings system.
Stephen, Victor, and Victor have been invited to return to CAR in June to conduct a TLG Seminar for the government leaders and help the President of CAR with his Societal Transformation Project, Job Creation in Industrialization and Wealth Creation in Central Provident Fund Savings and Affordable Public Housing.
So how did the President come to introduce ILF training to his government leaders?
When he was still Prime Minister (2008-2013), he attended ILF seminars and knew he wanted the same thing for his people. So when a TLG Seminar for church leaders was held in CAR, he attended. After that training, he met with Dr. Koh, Dr. Manyim, and Mr. Adu-Amoani.
Stephen says, “I was struck by the willingness and readiness of the President, the Prime Minister, and other ministers to work with ILF.” .
The Prime Minister said, “If CAR can be changed, then you can be assured that the rest of Africa can be changed.”Young leaders in DRC were recently trained by ILF