Personal Life Transformation Story—Sandrine Pazot, Mauritius

Port Louis, Mauritius—After attending an ILF Youth Mentor Training, Sandrine Pazot from Mauritius shared some of her leadership journey.

On Moral Vision

Some of the values that I have acquired and that I try to develop more and more are being consistent, being positive, and living in gratitude, perseverance, setting goals and having integrity. The one value that I think is important for me to change and be the change. Because as a leader, we are meant to lift others up and to help them reach their best and find purpose in what they do.

On Character

Being a leader or just in general being yourself and staying true to your principles and values is challenging in today’s world. I have realized lately that everything in my life has an influence on me and how I see myself. So I have started to make changes in my life to help me stay true to the principles and values that I am trying to implement and keep in my life.

On Calling

For me, after this training, I feel like my calling in life is to be present for others and to help others, to be a support to them in their life.

On Competence

I have been challenging myself to really get out of my comfort zone and lately, I have been working on an essential skill that I think is very important which is self-confidence.

On Celebrative Leadership

I think this has been a very difficult part as I often see the negative parts first. So, I have been working on being more positive, to start seeing the good, and finding courage in the little victories that happen daily.

Sandrine continues to work with youth in Mauritius.


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