Transforming Africa Inside-Out

Transforming Africa Inside-Out shows the way to believing in a positive future for the African continent. Those leaders who will transform Africa should see and believe the wealth of a continent that has the most diverse and rich minerals, traditional and high moral values, best climate with a beautiful environment; and beyond that, the most youthful population in the world. Those who hold on to the perspective on Africa as a cursed and corrupt continent that is forever condemned to pandemic poverty cannot be the agents for birthing a new and transforming Africa.
Delanyo Adadevoh shows the way: Africa needs Transforming Leadership now! Transforming Africa Inside-Out provides tools to help leaders with hunger for change; and the thirst to internalize and incorporate essential moral values in their leadership. It is with this values-based leadership that we can realize the vision of an Africa that is being transformed into a premier continent.
Take this book seriously. Read it frequently. It will impact your life, family, organization, country, and our continent. SHOW LESS…