ILF Global Board members

Elizabeth Adadevoh

Elizabeth Adadevoh developed an evidence-based coaching model as part of her graduate work at the University of Central Florida (UCF), USA, where she earned a M.A. in Applied Learning and Instruction in 2017. Elizabeth graduated with a B.Sc. in Business Management from the University of Phoenix, USA, in 2011. She earned a Diploma in Business Administration in 2005 from Cambridge International College. She graduated and practiced as a State Registered Nurse in Ghana in 1981.

In 2020, Elizabeth attended a John Maxwell Leadership Training in personal development.

As a young entrepreneur, Elizabeth started and ran her businesses successfully and brings those skills to bear on her professional work. Coupled with other skills, she developed a training program on retirement to assist people in making smooth transitions from active work life to retirement.

Living and working in Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and the USA have contributed to Elizabeth Adadevoh’s strong multicultural perspectives, relational, and leadership skills.