Laura Mautsa_EDITED

Dr. Laura Mautsa

Dr. Laura Maleya Mautsa is married to Lloyd Mautsa, and they have three children. Laura is the International Leadership Foundation (ILF) Africa Director for the Young Leaders League (Y2L). She is Dean of the School of Leadership and Governance at the International Leadership University Kenya (ILU Kenya). She is also a consultant in Leadership and Management.

Dr. Mautsa received a Bachelor of Education in Linguistics and Literature at Kenyatta University, Nairobi. She has a Master’s degree from the Africa International University (AIU) in Nairobi and a second Master’s from North West University (Potchefstroom) in South Africa. Her Ph.D. topic, Female Leadership in the New Testament at North West University (Potchefstroom), draws out principles for contemporary leadership by exploring different ways women in the ancient world influenced their communities.

Dr. Mautsa is passionate about contributing to the development of leaders so that they can significantly engage in holistic transformation in their families, church, organizations, and society. She is a diverse, experienced professional in leadership within the education and development sectors. Dr. Mautsa can direct strategy, undertake advocacy, develop and implement programs, manage staff, and lead change working with organizations, professionals, and vulnerable communities.