Arts & Entertainment Initiative

As a part of ILF’s desire to build leaders of integrity for societal transformation, we are including an initiative to reach a very influential domain of society—Arts & Entertainment. It is unimaginable to think of how much the Arts & Entertainment industry greatly influences our societies. Movies with heroic protagonists convey to people ways to live their lives. Music and its lyrics can move people to action against injustices. The visual arts impact the world’s beauty, showing people their hearts and the hearts of the artists. Out of the compelling passion for inspiring and impacting the marginalized around the globe, Francis B. Lara Ho pioneered Inspire Studios, Inc. He says, “We can significantly impact humanity by creating world-class movies of Hope, Heroism, and Honor based on and inspired by true-to-life events and stories. Movies that go beyond entertaining by putting forward great positive virtues. Films globally distributed and produced at world-class quality are hard, too few and rare. Yet, movie lovers flock to them each time they are in the theaters. For a moment, in and out of the theaters, inspirational movies stir us to look beyond our current ordinary, mundane circumstances and help us dream of being someone greater, of pursuing something bigger than life itself!” Inspire Studios has five pioneering movies on the slate: Freedom Fighters, Palawan: Last Man Out, The Rescue, Open Doors, and 1521.

Visit Inspire Studios on the web at: www.inspire1.today1521:
Instagram: @FrancisHo_Inspire1

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Francis B. Lara Ho, CEO and Producer with Inspire Studios, receives an award for "Most Promising Up and Coming Filmmaker" from the Asian World Film Festival in December 2022.