Online Transforming Leadership & Governance Course
- Creating New Futures through Mindset Shifts

The Transforming Leadership & Governance Course is a highly professional and interactive values-based leadership development series that builds effective leaders of integrity with the competencies to spearhead personal, relational, organizational, and societal transformation.

At the end of the TLG Course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain key principles and the process of transforming leadership to their lives and communities.
  • Design a Personal Leadership Development Plan.
  • Cultivate personal integrity as they lead transformation.
  • Mature in their unique calling as leaders of integrity who will spearhead transformation.
  • Attend regular transformational coaching sessions with certified professional coaches.
  • Improve in leadership competencies needed to help lead change.
  • Develop plans for building healthy communities of leaders of integrity for implementing change.
  • Apply transforming leadership principles to relevant transformation projects in their communities.

ILF Facilitators

ILF Global Board members

Prof. Delanyo Adadevoh

John Nganga_edited Image

John Ng’ang’a

Prof Ibok Oduro

Prof. Ibok Oduro

Dr. Valentine Hayibor


Lepan Tyoden

William Oduro Image_EDITED

Prof. William Oduro

ILF Global Board members

Elizabeth Adadevoh

Victor Koh

Dr. Victor Koh

ILF Global Board members

Stephen Adu-Amoani

ILF Global Board members

Prof. Mike Wicker

Photo-Egide Niyongabo

Egide Niyongabo

Musimbi Ondeko 2024

Dr. Musimbi Ondeko

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Dr Victor Manyim

Olivia Muchena 2024 Image

Dr. Olivia Muchena

Laura Mautsa_EDITED

Dr. Laura Mautsa

Online Transforming Leadership & Governance Course


  • Assessment & Evaluation: Participants will be evaluated based on their attendance and successful completion of their selected Transformation Project.
  • Supporting Materials: Information and data are not limited to lectures. The course includes visual aids, images, diagrams, and access to the e-textbook Transforming Leadership: Creating New Futures through Mindset Shifts by Prof. Delanyo Adadevoh, Ph.D. The course also provides students with monthly one-hour coaching appointments with a certified coach during the course term.
  • Course Policies: Regular attendance, successful completion of Transformation Project, active participation in weekly online sessions, and academic integrity.