Lilongwe, Malawi—From September 26-28, 2017, a Transforming Leadership and Governance seminar (TLG) Part A was held for 30 members of the Malawi Police Service (MPS). In addition, 11 received their final training and certification as Transforming Leadership Coaches, each person with more than 125 hours of training. Nearly all of the officers whom ILF has certified have since received a promotion, some to the highest bracket as a “Commissioner of Police.” With the new Director of Training for MPS as one of the certified coaches, ILF anticipates a continued partnership with the agency. One MPS leader utilized her coach’s training and made a decision that would affect her entire unit. She enlisted volunteers from a local high school to help unit members with their English. Not only was there notable improvement in their confidence levels and investigations, but court officers called the leader’s office to let her know how well the unit was doing.

“By investing in the new crop of ‘emerging leaders,’ they (MPS) have partnered with ILF to prepare their future top command.” —Dr. Tim Kiruhi, ILF Global Vice President of Strategy Development