Lomé, Togo—The country’s second round of Transforming Leadership and Governance seminars (TLG) took place from December 11-14, 2017. In order to facilitate the training for as many people as possible, ILF organizers conducted two workshops during the four days: TLG seminar 1 with 20 participants, and TLG seminar 2 with an additional 20 trainees.

Transformation Projects (TPs) for the two groups had been selected during an earlier TLG seminar and new people were added to their rosters during these two workshops. The TPs are scheduled to be conducted from December 2017–October 2018. One is called, “Non-public spirited” and will be conducted at the bus station of Agbalapedogan in Lomé. The second TLG seminar group chose a qualitative care project to be conducted at the Regional Hospital of Lomé Commune.

Staff members in Togo are already planning the next TLGSs and some suggested themes for their TPs include: management of the community, how to achieve political dialogue, fighting corruption, effective leadership, conflicts management, depression (stress), public property, national awareness for a country’s development, relationship between spirituality and other things (i.e., the spiritual foundation of change, applying the notions of leadership in the family, moral vision in depth, etc.).

One participant shared about his experience during the TLG seminar, “[I’m] more ready to engage in change and initiate projects.” Another shared that, “people have learned how to write a project and they feel transformed by adopting a community transformation attitude.”