South Korea—From February 13-15, 2017, a Transforming Leadership and Governance seminar (TLG) Part B was held in JinJu City. There were 63 participants who were led by a team of speakers including: Rock Yoon, Kiyoung Kim, Sanglim Choi, David Oh, and Kee Moon Chang. Of those in attendance, 34 people completed the training. Overall, trainees were satisfied with the seminar. Just as the Asia Leadership Foundation (ALF or ILF in Asia) finishes one seminar, they look to the future and will hold a Facilitators’ Training and continue working on Transformation Projects. In addition, ALF will hold a short information session on TLG seminars before the main sessions at Pohang City and Yeosu City.

In the realm of education, ALF has an agreement with Kyungsung University in Busan City, to teach the 12 TLG sessions as subjects for general education. This highly anticipated partnership began in March 2018.