Togo—February 2021

Thomas, a participant in ILF Togo’s Transforming Leadership & Governance Seminar, shared that he enjoyed the session on Character. He later started a sanitation project (Transformation Project) at a medical center not far from his home, once a suburb of Lomé. Thomas wanted to put into practice what he had learned. This center used to serve the villagers, but now that it has been engulfed up by the city, the center was not able to meet the needs of users. Before the project, visitors and caregivers who wished to wash their hands would only be able to do so in the center’s restrooms. After the project, an outside handwashing station was established. Now, as COVID-19 still affects the area, the outdoor handwashing station serves the population well.

Young Leaders League

Young Leaders League

young leaders league of the international leadership foundation

ILF’s premiere transformative experience for young people, called Young Leaders League (Y2L), has seen much growth during the past year. The program expanded its reach to two additional African nations and is now experiencing success in seven countries: Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Curriculum materials called Leadership & Development Studies (LADS) were developed, printed and implemented with youth and now the training teams are looking to develop Level 2 manuals.

Trainings have been held to equip youth leaders to facilitate the Y2L programs and there is a desire to welcome young people to youth centers in communities. Three upcoming Youth Mentor trainings are planned annually in each country, which will continue the expansion of this unique program.

There is also a need for Y2L to have an online presence throughout the continent, so this strategy is in its beginning stages of development. Lastly, in January 2020 a LADS continental summit will be held in order to expand the community of change leaders who will facilitate additional Young Leaders League groups in Africa.

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