Bangui, CAR—In June 2019 the International Leadership Foundation conducted a Transforming Leadership & Governance Seminar for 80 leaders, including university lecturers, members of parliament and the economic management team for the country. During the course of the seminar the participants harkened back to a statement made by their founding president in 1957, “Division, tribalism, andselfishness will be our woe in the future.” The group discussed the current state of the nation and agreed that they were in that place of woe now. Participants resolved to change their country’snarrative by embracing a new moral vision and the statement has become: “Unity with hard work, equality, and a spirit of sharing will be our happiness in the future.”

A Transforming Leadership & Governance Seminar Part 1 was held in Gitega, Burundi for a group from the provincial government, which included five regional police commissioners, 18 provincial police commissioners, Governors, the Mayor of Bujumbura and other civil leaders of the Ministry of Interior, Community Development and Public Security. Towards the end of the training, one of the governors remarked, “When we come into office, the Head of State assigns us to lead change in our provinces but we never knew how to do it. But now as a result of this leadership training, we have understood that if we really want to change things in our provinces, the change has to start within us and with us. If we don’t change ourselves, we will never be able to change our communities, provinces and nation. Please make sure that you organize the second part of this training as soon as possible so we can become better equipped and be more successful in carrying out our responsibilities.”