South Africa Orphanage video

Y2L/LADS in South Africa recently met with the leadership of the Lehae Orphanage in Sebokeng. In addition to the garden project featured on this video, the team will begin a painting project for the center on March 12. These door openers have led the way for the LADS Leadership and Development Studies to be given permission to begin classes with the children at the orphanage.

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Asia Leadership Foundation—Online TLG Seminar Training

The Asia Leadership Foundation (ILF in South Korea) began conducting online TLG Seminars in July 2021. Fifty-two applicants enrolled in the training and utilized online recorded videos of the 12 Cs on YouTube and submitted weekly assignments via a web portal called, Google Classrooms. Sixteen trained ALF facilitators gave the lectures and provided feedback on the participants’ assignments. Participants were encouraged to submit their plans for a Transformation Project. After doing so, they began to implement the Transformation Project and report the results to their facilitators.

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I See A New Africa

In 2013, ILF’s president and founder, Prof. Delanyo Adadevoh (a Ghanaian) wrote a poem called, I See A New Africa. Throughout the work, he envisions the potential of the continent of Africa, from its beauty and people to its wealth and resources. In 2018 Miss Peacey K. Nambi, a Ugandan singer and songwriter adapted I See A New Africa as a song. She then created a music video featuring stunning images from across Africa. Now, in 2019, Peacey just released the second music video of I See A New Africa in Swahili. ILF is grateful to Peacey for her work on this project and hope you will enjoy watching the video too. Just go to YouTube and search: I See A New Africa or visit to view it.

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Burundi TLG Seminar Training—May 2021

Bangui, CAR—In June 2019 the International Leadership Foundation conducted a Transforming Leadership & Governance Seminar for 80 leaders, including university lecturers, members of parliament and the economic management team for the country. During the course of the seminar the participants harkened back to a statement made by their founding president in 1957, “Division, tribalism, andselfishness will be our woe in the future.” The group discussed the current state of the nation and agreed that they were in that place of woe now. Participants resolved to change their country’snarrative by embracing a new moral vision and the statement has become: “Unity with hard work, equality, and a spirit of sharing will be our happiness in the future.”

A Transforming Leadership & Governance Seminar Part 1 was held in Gitega, Burundi for a group from the provincial government, which included five regional police commissioners, 18 provincial police commissioners, Governors, the Mayor of Bujumbura and other civil leaders of the Ministry of Interior, Community Development and Public Security. Towards the end of the training, one of the governors remarked, “When we come into office, the Head of State assigns us to lead change in our provinces but we never knew how to do it. But now as a result of this leadership training, we have understood that if we really want to change things in our provinces, the change has to start within us and with us. If we don’t change ourselves, we will never be able to change our communities, provinces and nation. Please make sure that you organize the second part of this training as soon as possible so we can become better equipped and be more successful in carrying out our responsibilities.”

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Togo—February 2021

Thomas, a participant in ILF Togo’s Transforming Leadership & Governance Seminar, shared that he enjoyed the session on Character. He later started a sanitation project (Transformation Project) at a medical center not far from his home, once a suburb of Lomé. Thomas wanted to put into practice what he had learned. This center used to serve the villagers, but now that it has been engulfed up by the city, the center was not able to meet the needs of users. Before the project, visitors and caregivers who wished to wash their hands would only be able to do so in the center’s restrooms. After the project, an outside handwashing station was established. Now, as COVID-19 still affects the area, the outdoor handwashing station serves the population well.

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Graduates of the Bolivia leadership conference

FUNDALID (ILF in Latin America)

In Latin America, ILF’s strategy has been to mostly train leaders in governments. FUNDALID (as ILF is called) is working across this continent to help bring societal transformation to a region in need.FUNDALID operates by utilizing teams, whereby the nations of Central and South America are divided into three regions. Mexico is the primary team for all of Central America. Colombia gives leadership to the northern part of South America and Bolivia leads the southern cone of South America.ILF’s premier training tools, the Transforming Leadership & Governance Seminar (TLG Seminar) materials have been translated into Spanish. In Colombia, the printing of the TLG Seminar textbook is nearly completed and will soon be distributed in every region of Latin America.FUNDALID is well-known and influential in Colombia. It is strongly involved with the national government and supported by the business community. Thedirector for FUNDALID works from a base in Medellin to continue expanding the trainings across the nation.FUNDALID is not only promoting trainings in Mexico, but also training approximately 500 people every six months in ILF’s Transforming Leadership principles. Many of the leaders are prominent business people, as well as government leaders.The Transforming Leadership & Governance Seminars and the concepts of ILFare well-received in Latin America, especially by governments, institutions and businesses.

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