I See A New Africa

In 2013, ILF’s president and founder, Prof. Delanyo Adadevoh (a Ghanaian) wrote a poem called, I See A New Africa. Throughout the work, he envisions the potential of the continent of Africa, from its beauty and people to its wealth and resources. In 2018 Miss Peacey K. Nambi, a Ugandan singer and songwriter adapted I See A New Africa as a song. She then created a music video featuring stunning images from across Africa. Now, in 2019, Peacey just released the second music video of I See A New Africa in Swahili. ILF is grateful to Peacey for her work on this project and hope you will enjoy watching the video too. Just go to YouTube and search: I See A New Africa or visit www.transformingleadership.com to view it.



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